2019 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit

Event details | Event overview

Event details

Date: March 18 – 20, 2019
Location: Booth 33, Hilton Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Attendees: Rick Brady, Associate Partner and Head of MMIS Practice, Infosys Public Services
Bishr Shweikani, Associate Business Development Manager, Infosys Public Services
Bhanu Narayana, AVP & Head of US Sales and Value Design, Infosys Public Services

Event overview

State Healthcare IT Connect Summit (The Summit) is an annual gathering of HHS executives from the government and the industry. The Summit provides a platform for attendees to share ideas and benchmark implementation strategies of state health IT systems.

This year, attendees will discuss innovative technologies and approaches that can help states transform health and human services delivery.

Connect with Infosys Public Services

Infosys Public Services is a Bronze sponsor of 2019 State Healthcare IT Connect Summit. Meet our experts to learn how agencies can navigate their next to build a digital HHS. Drop by our booth 33 to see innovative IT solutions for Child Welfare Information Systems, integrated eligibility and big data analytics.

Let’s meet @ the Summit

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