Motor Vehicle Agencies


From offering driver licensing and vehicle registration services using legacy IT systems and processes, motor vehicle and licensing agencies are looking to become more customer-centric, offering a variety of services and products (licensing, registration, vital records, taxes etc.) to customers across channels of their choice (mobile, kiosk, office, computers etc.) using modern, agile systems.

Becoming customer-centric requires motor vehicle and licensing agencies (Departments of Motor Vehicles, Ministries of Transportation) to address the following trends and imperatives:

  • Collaboration – Participate in initiatives like State2State, Car2Car, and deliver new products/services (e.g. taxes) by collaborating and sharing data with partner agencies
  • Emerging technologies – Adopt new technologies like Internet-of-Things, autonomous vehicle, and artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service
  • Portability – Increase reach and service through multi-channel delivery, mobile offices, and digital licenses
  • Regulations and enforcement – Quickly incorporate and enforce evolving regulations to ensure compliance and improve road safety
  • Data & Insights – Manage multi-source, multi-format data to build 360° view of the customer and generate actionable insights for ensuring security and reducing fraud while delivering more personalized services
  • Agility – Keep pace with evolving regulations (RealID, autonomous cars), technology, and business/consumer demands

Building the motor vehicle agencies of the future

Infosys Public Services partners with the Departments of Motor Vehicles and Ministries of Transportation to address these trends and build the agency of the future – interconnected, customer-centric, insights-driven, and agile. We do this by providing the following capabilities:

  • Proven solutions – Agile, future-proof, digital solutions like TRAVELS to help agencies build modern, customer-centric licensing, registration, titling, and administration systems quickly, cost-effectively and without any disruption
  • Cross-industry insights – Adapting insights from public sector, commercial sector, and industry associations like AAMVA and CCMTA to help agencies innovate ‘outside-in’; e.g., licensing and registration system modernization for Ministry of Transportation, Ontario; consumer engagement in retail; fraud detection in banking and healthcare
  • Predictable execution – Subject matter experts, proven program management and execution methodologies like agile that ensure projects are delivered on-time and within budgets ensuring predictability and low risk
  • Aligning strategy and execution, and driving rapid innovation – Value frameworks like IMPACT™ and VRM to prioritize focus areas by aligning investments and initiatives with the agency’s mission. Innovative frameworks like Design Thinking, Zero Distance to create a culture of innovation

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