Legacy Modernization

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Knowledge-based modernization enabled through M3 framework

The first step in an organization’s modernization journey is to take stock of the existing landscape, carefully assess systems that need to be modernized and build and execute a technical blue-print for system modernization using the right strategy.

Our knowledge-based modernization approach enabled by the proven M3 modernization framework helps organizations do all this and build an agile and future-ready IT system quickly and without any risk or disruption.

  • (Ki) Knowledge-based modernization- the approach focuses on:
    • Curating information about the existing system by extracting knowledge using a mix of automated tools
    • Transforming the landscape using the M3 (Minimize, Maximize, Modernize) approach
    • Continuously improving the IT landscape
  • M3 modernization framework – based on the curated information, the framework:
    • Minimizes costs by rationalizing, tuning or upgrading applications that manage and maintain core and stable business processes and data
    • Maximizes returns by SOA enablement, use of DevOps or building a Java/user-centric technology layer for legacy applications that offer differentiated business capabilities and require agility
    • Modernizes IT landscape by migrating or re-engineering customer-facing legacy systems into an agile, scalable and future-ready customer-centric applications


Services to execute the M3 framework

Portfolio rationalization



COTS/Package Implementation

Platform modernization

Infrastructure modernization


Key solutions to accelerate modernization initiative

ModernizeIT – Accelerate modernization programs

TRAVELS – Modular enterprise solution for the DMV and Ministries of Transportation

Integrated Eligibility Solution for health and human services programs

Infosys Mainframe Modernization

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