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Case Studies

Public sector

We helped a provincial agency leverage BI and analytics to improve employee health and safety. Manual workflows and analysis with disparate systems were diverting resources to collecting data vs. using data to make decisions to improve field health and safety. We analyzed existing processes and source data systems to define and prioritize requirements, created a central data-mart to consolidate data, implemented SAS BI with self-service and automated reporting to empower business users, and drive savings from effective accident/injury prevention.

Financial Services

We helped a financial services client comply with regulations in the areas of AML, FATCA, Dodd-Frank, Basel-II, Basel-III and Volcker by creating a Boundryless Data platform. The platform integrated data from many internal and external systems, provided the right validations and controls to improve the trustworthiness of the data and made all the data available to business users in a self-service manner for data exploration, insights generation and analytics.


On behalf of European consortium of universities and start-up companies, we developed a sensor-driven coaching solution for sports persons and elderly to prevent health setbacks. We designed the architecture and engineered the solution which involved components such as sensor-driven data collection of key health parameters, streaming data processing, modeling and pattern analysis of the data collected through analytics/big data tools, integration with mobile devices, and real-time feedback driven by analytics.


We developed a teen safety and driving behavior analysis solution to promote safe driving amongst teenagers for a leading auto insurer in North America. Real-time alarms and notification alerts in case of emergency or non-compliance was a key value add for drivers using the solution. We designed the end-to-end architecture and solution leveraging two assets (location-based services and enterprise gamification) which reduced the time and cost of implementation. The solution also included components such as mobility, Rackspace cloud hosting, streaming data processing, real-time analytics, and integration services. The solution created a new revenue stream for the client while simultaneously increasing customer intimacy.


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