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Improving operational efficiency, optimizing citizen outreach, and increasing citizen welfare and satisfaction are core to the mission objectives of public sector organizations. Meeting the objectives is challenging in an environment where budgets and skill-sets are often constrained. Reactive decisions in operating any program are counter-productive – wastage of scarce resources, delayed welfare – to the mission. Analytics presents a powerful tool for public sector organizations to generate actionable insights that address these objectives and help deliver improved outcomes.

Challenges in building an analytics-powered organization
While public sector organizations have access to a lot of data, analysis of the data to generate insights has been limited due to a combination of factors:

  1. Disparate data systems and a silo-based approach to analytics
  2. Legacy systems that are in need of modernization
  3. Multiple analytics platforms/software out-of-synch with current business needs
  4. A shortage of people with the analytics skill-sets required to meet the needs of the organization
  5. The lack of a roadmap to move to the next level in analytics maturity

The proliferation of new data sources with a commensurate increase in the volume and velocity of data is another reason why public sector organizations need to re-think how they build an analytics-powered organization. Two main factors drive a renewed analytics strategy:

  • Innovate outside-in: Citizens/consumers now expect public sector organizations to provide the same experience as mature industries like retail, telecom and banking. Following the lead of the commercial sector in use of analytics concepts needs to be the foundation to any public sector analytics initiative.
  • Data prioritization: Leveraging hitherto unused data sources and streams from a Big Data analytics solution perspective to achieve the outcomes of better patient care, satisfied citizens etc.

Build an analytics-powered organization with Infosys Public Services
We help public sector organizations leverage the power of analytics to generate insights that transform service delivery, optimize operations and help deliver improved outcomes. We do this by bringing the following combination of critical capabilities to every engagement:

  • Leveraging cross-industry analytics experience – Adapting best-practices and bringing unique insights from decades of cross-industry analytics programs to the public sector; e.g., fraud detection for financial services, customer engagement for retail, compliance for healthcare etc.
  • Creating and evangelizing a vision of using analytics - Leveraging proven organizational transformation frameworks to help the client institutionalize and embed analytics across the organization.
  • Leveraging technology using a decoupled architecture – Utilizing the best of technology that is available separately for Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence/Predictive Analytics than being wedded to a single technology stack or solution.
  • Delivering an entire stack of services and solutions - From Data Integration to Analytics including as-a-Service Model, offering end-to-end analytics services supported by proven tools and solutions.
  • Focus on continuous improvement – Our frameworks like Design Thinking and Zero Distance encourage the discovery of the unknown and unarticulated problems - the what and the how - followed by the search for the most technically feasible and economically viable solution.

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