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Infosys Marketplace-as-a-Service platform

States need to comply with evolving Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates while providing effective health and social programs to citizens. As states transition from federally facilitated marketplace (FFM) / buildout or replace state-based marketplace, they need innovative solutions to help them comply with ACA mandates. These solutions should also offer control to configure and deliver services in a sustainable model.

Marketplace as-a-service: CMS compliant and sustainable

Infosys Marketplace-as-a-Service is a CMS-compliant health insurance marketplace (HIX), delivered as a service. As a cloud-based platform, it helps states meet today’s healthcare reform mandates with a sustainable operating model and enables integration of state health and social programs without the complexity and costs of IT. The platform offers:

  • Core functionalities and interfaces with federal and state systems that dynamically comply with changing requirements / guidelines
  • Configurability to state-specific programs and business rules to address unique requirements
  • Connections to state program extensions, Infosys / third-party services, and payer / provider onboarding
Marketplace as-a-service: CMS compliant and sustainable 

Multi-state / Regional marketplace and shared service

Infosys Marketplace-as-a-Service is designed to be a multi-tenant platform. Multiple states can jointly leverage the platform’s common core and shared infrastructure to lower operating costs while still configuring the marketplace to meet state-specific needs.

The platform offers an economically viable OpEx model. Its per-member-per-month (PMPM) pricing is lower than other alternatives including FFM.

Value proposition: Helping states refocus on core mission

  • Citizen-centric: State branding, outreach, and integrated services
  • Payer / Provider optimized: Streamlined Qualified Health Plan (QHP) onboarding for payers; Providers benefit from increased payer participation
  • Dynamic compliance: Compliance with evolving legislations and mandates through release management
  • Speed to market: Under 12 months for new marketplace setup, or migration from FFM
  • Low cost: Lower costs versus FFM fee on premiums for individual / family, on a per member / user basis
  • Path to sustainability: OpEx pricing model based on members / enrollees with potential for long-term cost reduction through extensions
  • Low risk: Pre-built and tested platform and service model, proven partner ecosystem
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