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Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub

Automate the build, brokerage, management, and governance of a unified hybrid cloud environment

Multiple cloud solutions, rapidly evolving cloud technology, and non-centralized adoption is limiting the ability of government agencies to realize expected benefits from cloud investments.

Agencies can address this by implementing an automated cloud brokerage solution. Such a solution can centralize procurement and governance. It can also keep the agency updated about the changes in cloud providers’ offerings, helping them build the right cloud ecosystem.

Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub is a centralized platform that helps build, manage and govern the hybrid cloud environment using a single interface.

The hub’s core modules – private cloud, hybrid cloud, smart brokerage with unified services catalog, cloud apps, data federation, and service assurance with utility metering and billing – help agencies procure, integrate, automate, orchestrate, and manage IT resources.

How Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub delivers value

The hub enables government agencies to meet the functional goals for cloud brokerage, including rapid cloud adoption, enterprise-wide decision support, and single window management and assurance. The hub accelerates time to market for cloud services by up to 40 percent, improves productivity by up to 20 percent, and saves costs by up to 30 percent.

Infosys Cloud Ecosystem Hub

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