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Infosys Health Benefit Exchange – Public Exchange

End-to-End exchange solution for U.S. states, one-stop shop for consumers and small employers

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to cover millions of underinsured and uninsured people by 2014 – offering them access to affordable insurance with transparency and choice. Health insurance exchanges will enable compliance, but require orchestration of the entire roadmap, cost-effective business model, flexible technology architecture and governance amidst budget constraints, technological complexities, imminent timeline, and evolving regulations.


Infosys Health Benefit Exchange (HBE) takes a strategic sourcing approach to bring together a consortium of specialists and service providers – offering an end-to-end, feature-rich, sustainable insurance exchange platform. The web-based platform leverages pre-built components and service-oriented architecture (SOA) to accelerate deployment, while catering to both IT and operational requirements.

Infosys HBE enables U.S. states to create a self-sustaining, CMS-compliant exchange that provides distinct features:

  • For states: Integrated eligibility for public health plans, brokers / navigators management, unified and easy enrollment
  • For consumers: ‘Apples to apples’ comparison for ‘best-fit’ plan selection, online eligibility determination, and 24/7 helpline
  • For employers: Contribution setup, auction and reverse auction, Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) eligibility, and community creation
  • For health plans: Health plan management with integrated enrollment, risk pooling, fund aggregation, and payments

Infosys Health Benefit Exchange Components

Infosys Public Services - Health Benefit Exchange Components

Value Proposition

  • Fast and modular deployment: Integration with partner services in the ecosystem for eligibility verification, fund aggregation and payment, pre-built tools and accelerators
  • Consumer and small employer focus: First-class user experience with multi-point access (web, kiosk, mobile); benefits standardization and decision support system to select best-fit plans
  • Cost-effective model: SaaS and flexible pricing (transaction or license) ensure sustainable operating cost to states
  • Flexible technology architecture: SOA-based architecture enhanced by the Microsoft security framework and SaaS model ensures modularity, scalability with future requirements. Compliant with CMS guidelines and MITA 3.0
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